To be a woman

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I just watched a TED talk about when gender is decided during a baby’s development. Apparently one part develops during the first trimester, another during the second, which accounts for some of the gender confusion for some people.  Chromosomes don’t explain it all, since there are some women with Ys.

I could only listen to the talk since I do podcasts while on the rowing machine, the phone in my pocket as a I exercise.  The person’s voice sounded like a gay man’s, and I was curious enough to want to see the person after listening to the talk.

We’ll say “she”, because the person appeared to be a beautiful woman, but I have no idea how the person identifies herself, or which bathroom she’d be allowed to go into in Georgia.  The talk was good, a bit unfocused, but interesting. (Reference here:

I never had gender confusion (which I will call doubting if I was a woman or not), but I was always a tomboy and never learned to wear make-up or be truly comfortable in dresses (I do sometimes, but I feel like I’m playacting.) I also kissed a girl once and didn’t like it, so I’m pretty sure that on an instinctive level I am not interested in the same sex.

I feel so much like a woman, though, and I wonder where that comes from.  I doubt that biologically determined men with gender confusion would choose to be a tomboy. Maybe I just had the best of both worlds and took it for granted? I wonder what it is,  then, to be a woman.


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