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It’s New Year’s resolution time!

What do I want for myself, my family and friends and the world in 2019?

Oddly, I will only write about love, because that’s all that counts.  For the world, I want there to be more love.  No more talk of hate, no more Us vs Them, no more racism, sexism, antisemitism.  If there was more love, these things would be banished to the past.

For my family and friends, then, I wish for the same thing.  More love on my part and forgetting silly little disagreements and tiffs. Show people that I love them. (It’s all about me.) Lather the world with love, rinse, repeat.

For myself, I need to accept that I am worthy of love (we all are, of course, but only I know how terrible my thoughts can be, the ones I don’t let on about.) So I need to accept that I have faults, and make mistakes, and don’t always know the right thing to do.  And I need to let that go.

So love to all in 2019!

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