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I am sitting here writing while the F-A-B (Far Away Boy) reads the news on his phone.  There is jazz playing on the radio.  I am under a light, gray blanket on an easy chair.  I’ve just finished writing in my journal, which, as usual, I think I should do more often (a New Year’s resolution?  I used to write every day…)

I was more disciplined with my ex-husband, mostly because we never did much of anything together.  I had the time (and the necessity) of organizing my life with daily activities: writing, yoga, work, exercise, etc.

Now I am much more free.  I do fewer things on a regular basis, but I still do them. I don’t sweat being flexible so much. If something doesn’t get done today, I’ll do it tomorrow, but I actually do.  It’s not just a way of procrastinating. With less stress, I get much more done and I’m happier.

Happier why?  Because of love, because I love the man reading the news on his phone just across the room from me while the jazz plays and the light gray blanket keeps my legs warm on the easy chair.

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