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Everyone is saying it.  Even me.  Vote.

My mother married a man who was violent, racist, hypocritical and egotistical. He is the sort of man who loved Trump, one of those white men who feel like life has passed them by. It used to be enough for a guy like him to have a good job and an easy life simply because he was white. It never should have been. In the end, too lazy to get a job, he sold drugs to teenagers. And whined about how others (of color, women) were getting ahead.  They were getting ahead, pal, because they were working for it, swimming against the current.

So vote.  It doesn’t matter who for, but stop sitting back and saying “They” don’t pay attention to us, “they” don’t take us into account.  How are “they” supposed to if you don’t even take the easy, first step of voting?  After that, it’s necessary to put in some time if you want issues important to you to be listened to, but the beginning, the easy part, is just that.  Vote.

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