Divorcing a Friend

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I had lunch with my ex- again today; we’d just met last week to decide how we were going to go about the divorce. I’d like not to use a lawyer, which seems expensive for nothing.  Like 7,000 bucks expensive, where we live.We can just collect the information and fill out a form, and it should cost about 6-700. I don’t think there would be any advantage to a lawyer.  I hope we don’t regret it.

Today we got together most of the documents that we needed and ordered some attestations that are necessary; it’ll take a few weeks to collect everything. If it starts to take too long it would be nice to start everything in January, with the new year and all that.

My ex- and I are going climbing tomorrow. I still like him, a lot, my ex-.  That was never the problem. I just wanted love, too, and someone to share things with, a best friend and not just a friend among others. At least we can climb together sometimes.

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