Some Like it Hot

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While hiking with my widowed friend this summer, I forgot to take my birth control pills with me. I’ve taken them most of my adult life, with a three weeks on, one week off system. Except this time, I didn’t have them with me to start up again after a week’s pause.

So I stopped altogether. I’m fifty, and haven’t had much of a period for over a year.  I thought it was because I’d lost so much weight with the separation from my husband, but even when I got back to my normal weight they didn’t start again.  The Far-Away-Boy has had a vasectomy, so there’s no danger of pregnancy for me. I asked my pharmacist friend if there was any consequences to just stopping, and she said there was no danger, so there you have it. I’m done.

Except that since Saturday, I’ve been having one long hot flash. Overly hot and sweating one minute and then back to normal. Today I went for a swim in the outdoor pool, and it was the only thing that seemed to cool down my up and down overheating.  I think I even brought up the pool temperature a degree or two.  It’s totally crazy, like this secret I’m hiding from everyone when I just want to shout “Hey, I’m overheating here, would someone get me a fan?”

I’ve been trying all day to find a variant on Outshined, you know the Soundgarden song?

I got up feeling so hot
I got off taking pills out
I’ve kept the hormones rolling
But the lady’s getting old now, oh yeah
I just looked in the mirror
And things aren’t looking so good
I’m looking old senora and feeling menopausal, oh yeah….

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