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I never would have thought one year ago that I would start to figure out what I want, and what makes me happy. I’m 50, and it’s taken me this long. I hope I get to live this happiness for a little while, at least.
First off, I love the Far-Away-Boy, fully and wholeheartedly. We spent a great summer together and I think I’ve found the “right” one. It took almost my whole life to get there, and a whole lot of luck, but I think it’s happened.
Second, I love my job. I’m “just” a school teacher, but I love my colleagues, and I love the kids. I like helping them learn and learning from them, too.
Third, and this is new, I’m finally in a living situation that makes me happy. Last year I bought an apartment up in the mountains, a bit too far away from my job to make the commute every day. This year I have two lovely roommates in a sublet in the city. I like the situation so much, and I now get to organize my life to see friends and colleagues in town, escape to the mountains whenever I want to find fresh air and beauty and see F-A-B on the weekends.
I like sharing things, I guess is what it comes down to. I like sharing my heart, and sharing my living situation, and I like the possibility to be alone when I want or need to be. It’s all a bit confusing and I don’t really understand what steps got me here, but I’m happy.

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