The Best Way to Turn Fifty

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My week was okay, with some wonderful things and some others that were just life.

One of the wonderful things was getting to spend a whole week with the man I love.  I am so impressed by him, his kindness, his intelligence, his sense of humor.  He makes me melt.  He has this thing of holding me in his arms while I fall asleep that makes me ache for him when he’s not here.

Another wonderful thing was doing one wonderful climb that was much longer than we had planned.  It was in two sections and we were slow in both and didn’t finish until 10pm!  Then, because he didn’t want to take the car, we had a two hour walk to get back to the campground.  I was beyond exhausted, but it was my fault as much as his that we were so slow.  The very first pitch I got lost and went up the wrong pillar before down climbing and finding the right one.  I would like to have said that it was his fault, but it wasn’t.

The only really negative thing is that we only made love twice the whole week.  Part of that is that he got sick for a day or so.  He woke up with chills and a fever, but it wasn’t a food thing, I don’t think, because it never turned into diarrhea. Who knows.  But it knocked him out for two days, and then we were both pretty agitated to climb again so we never made time to make love. That was a mistake.

And now I am fifty and too busy climbing and hiking and enjoying my summer off from teaching to even take stock of the turning fifty thing.  Probably the best thing, in the end.

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