The Birthday

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I planned a lot for my 40th…I bought myself a mountain.  I prepared for months and gave myself all summer to find a window of opportunity to climb it.  It worked.  I did.

This time around it’s my 50th, and I didn’t prepare much of anything. I wanted to find something that was in my abilities to do without too much effort, but I had projects that have been waiting around for years and years to do. I asked F-A-B about doing any one of them, and he, well, he talked me out of them and we’re doing what he wants.

I’m a little disappointed, to say the least. We are going to go climbing in a beautiful spot.  However, he wants to just plunk down in a camping ground that he likes and not take the car to do anything. I do have some projects in the area, but I’d need to take the car and he’s not that willing. There are also thermal baths and a nice lake to do stand up paddling.  For the moment, all nixed, because he doesn’t want to take the car.

There are two things going on here. One is he’s been working too hard and he’s really tired and probably can’t think straight until he recuperates. The other is that I’m being insistent about choosing my own project because, damn it, it’s my 50th birthday.  I want it to be memorable, and not just a few days hanging out in a tent and doing little things that we can walk to. There is also some of the most bland climbing in the world in that area (beginners slab climbing! feet hurt yet? no? they will soon!) There are also big things we can walk to from there, but I’m not sure they’re on the menu.

I’m going to check in next week on the blog, and say if it turned in to something wonderful or whether it was a missed occasion.

Tell me, am I being unreasonable?

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  1. You are not being unreasonable. He should be willing to compromise. Afterall, it is your Birthday and he should want to celebrate it the way you’d like. Hopefully all goes well. Happy Birthday!


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