The Commute

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Today I was able to take an earlier train to go see my Far-Away-Boy.  Hopefully this means I can get to bed earlier, because often I’m pretty knackered on Friday nights when I arrive and it ruins Saturday. I’m often not good for much of anything.

It’s a day with big, burgeoning clouds that are probably wreaking thunder and lightening on folks somewhere, but not where I am.  The light is beautiful. I’m riding through the more industrial part of my country, but the setting sun makes even the small factories and loading areas look pretty.

I buy food for the train.  Today I ate a salad at lunch and bought a sandwich for the train.  And the sandwich did not look appealing at all, but I was hungry. So I tried to make it last for as long as possible, so I never felt like I was actually committing to eating it.  It is now done and I feel bloated, like I’d like to walk the rest of the way.

There’s no way to get around it.  It’s 4 hours to go see him, at best.  I like the time to read, and get work done (even if tonight I’m being a bit lazy). But it is long.  I’m getting used to it, but it is long.  And I don’t see any way around it.

But I don’t think one should ever refuse love, just because it’s inconvenient.

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