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Today I hardly spoke to anyone, or at least not for anything interesting or fun. I talked to the bank and the phone company about setting up a direct payment.  I asked the managers of the building about renting out my studio. I asked directions of someone when I went on a walk, and I also told two young men at the train platform that they were waiting on the wrong side.

And that was it.

This is after eleven days with my love, who is now spending a week with his friends skiing.  I’m happy that he’s doing that, because I’m afraid of us getting so self involved that we don’t do anything but work and hang out with each other.

Next weekend I’m going off to see a friend who’s having a birthday party in the next country over and it’s likely I won’t see my love for another eleven days.  That’s long for us. But finding him again will be so lovely!

For the moment there is only silence between us, because he is up in the mountains.  I fill the silence with love, and count the days until I see him again.



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