In One Place

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For three days, I’ve been staying in one place: in this case, where the Far-Away-Boy lives. It’s a small village in my adopted country, not far from a slightly larger one, and far enough away from where I live that it all seems new and a bit magical. (That’s just the influence of being in love, though. It’s a land of cows and small businesses, hardly special and unfortunately very green, meaning that it rains a lot.)

Not everyone has the vacations of a teacher, and FAB is stuck trying to finish a project for the end of the month. So I’m on my own, trying to stay out of his hair so that he gets things done and then we can go have fun.

Yesterday I went for a swim in the next town over, and walked around and visited.  There’s a few touristy things that I hadn’t done, so I did those, and also did some shopping for things to leave here. My goal is to trek less and less across the country.

Then I came home (home is where he lives, home is where I live and where I rent a room in the city where I work, it’s a very fluid concept these days.) I had time to do nothing.  I had time to read, and nap, and do yoga, and swim. Time is what you get one you stay in one place.  I have the excuse of a small head cold and bad weather, and the excuse that FAB has to work, so my normal revved up, million things at one time life had slowed down for three glorious days. All of which is happening because for once, everything I want or need is all in one place.



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