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This seems to be a word now.  My sister heard it from some men in an automotive store.  Her farmer friend used it.  And the guy I called Wetback Will (I mentioned him many posts ago and who I am still in contact with) used it today.

It seems to be a word now for men to talk about “women stuff”; as in, “I don’t need all that drama in my life”.  Drama seems to be exclusively female, and too much for most men to handle.  It seems to cover all things emotional and is, in their eyes, unreasonable.

I’ve introduced Wetback Will to the site Gleeden.  It might work for him, since he wants passion and sex but not a relationship (which for me is only sustainable short term; he’d like a relationship to last but not bring him too much into the life of his lover). I think if he could find a married woman who would like to keep her marriage intact, and see him on the side, that he might find what he wants.

He doesn’t want just sex, which makes it harder for him. I think that sex on its own easy enough to find.  But he wants attraction, and fun, and to enjoy someone’s company, but no commitment and nothing long term.  And certainly no “drama”.

I wonder how that word became a thing.

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