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This is the best moment of the week: anticipation of seeing the F-A-B, the far-away-boy.  He should be here in a couple of hours. There’s just enough time for me to cook a bit of dinner for us, wash my hair, change the light bulb that went out in the kitchen, pull out the sexy underwear, put on nicer clothes, take a shower, maybe pull out one or two eyebrow hairs.  Preening, prettifying and preparing. A new relationship is always fun, for one thing, but because we live far apart it makes each minute we have together more intense.  There’s more planning involved, and that becomes part of the pleasure.

I’ve realized something about being with him.  I’m prettier.  It’s not just that I’m in love, but that I’m smiling more.  When you smile more, your face muscles are all taught and firm it makes you become better looking.  I highly recommend it.  Smiling at other people makes them want to smile at you (most places, some places folks just think you’re crazy). But if you’re in a place that isn’t too cynical, you can help the world be more beautiful. You don’t have to be in love.  You can just smile.

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