The Days After Christmas…

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It is no longer Christmas every morning with FAB (the Far-Away-Boy), but it is still the nicest thing I’ve experienced in my whole life.

I have a school break and have a full week off.  I also had grading to do, and so today was spent with both of us working on our projects (him on his computer, me with the piles of papers to grade).  We ignored each other, which is what you have to do when you move on from the Christmas every morning stage. It’s how you create a life with someone.

It’s sad that we’re already ready to go on to the real part of a relationship. It’s necessary, and it’s this transition that makes or breaks it.  If it’s a short time fling, we won’t survive.  But it feels so good to be just “normal” with him, so I’m hoping we’ll be okay.

In any case, it’s inevitable that we have to change and adapt. We’re beginning part two. And I am still so in love that it makes me cry half the time.

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