Why I love this guy

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We woke up at 9am, and fooled around in bed for a half an hour, just him tickling me, me caressing him, goofing around, laughing.  No rush.

Then breakfast, unhurried.  We needed gas in the rental car, so we did that, and got water, since we were almost out and there’s no drinking water in the flat we’ve rented.

Then we climbed.  6 pitches first from one long climb, then snacked, then six more pitches in another.

And hugs and silliness all the while.

It got cold in the last climb, the sun going down, wind starting up. But I held it together and didn’t speak about any of my worries, that the sun was disappearing, that the wind was cold, that it all made me unreasonably afraid for primordial reasons that I’m unable to control. But no, did not give in to that.

We did more today than my ex- and I were ever able to do in one day, even when he was the Far-Away-Boy’s age, with less stress, more fun, more silliness and more love. And that’s why I love this extraordinary person who’s come into my life.

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