6 days with the Far-Away-Boy

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Day 1: Arrive in the evening, we’re naked and having sex within the hour.  He cooks me dinner. Sleep.

Day 2: Sleep late. The man has to work at his office so he goes for a few hours.  In the evening, dinner with his daughter and her boyfriend and friends. Visited the city nearby, but the weather was disgustingly cold freezing rain. We didn’t care, holding hands and kissing like teenagers.

Day 3: Sleep late but the weather decided to be nice, so we went for a ski tour.  The avalanche danger was very high, so we did something safe.  Almost too much snow to ski down.  He’s an ecologist for a living, so we go with the train and a bus. New for me because I’ve always done winter sports with a car, but it was good to learn to do things a new way.

Day 4: Sleep late. Climbing in the indoor gym.  I meet one of his oldest friends from childhood.  I can see that he is loved by his friends. He is also proud to show me off, which is odd, since I’m nothing special.  Maybe being in love with him makes me special?

Day 5: I think FAB lives in a village with many nice oddballs, and we met two of them today. One woman makes ceramics for a living, teaching and selling her work.  She has permanent laugh lines, and makes figures of large bottomed women in various poses.  The sculptures remind me of my best friend in LA. The other man we meet makes odd instruments from trees, drums and string instruments and xylophones. He had a fantasy tree installed that you can visit on the inside. He’s nutty in a way that is both annoying and fascinating.

Tomorrow is Day 6, last full day before I have to go back to work for four days.

We are getting to know each other, and I haven’t learned of anything yet that annoys me. Sometimes maybe he talks too much? Or wants to show me things (photos, climbing guides) that I don’t have any connection to.  They might be interesting, but I have no context.

But I’m too much in love to care.

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