Four Hours

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A truism: climbers are normally crazy, and so there is decent population of divorced/separated climbers out there.

What if you meet a man, through an internet dating site, and he’s everything you could imagine falling in love with, but they live four hours away?

I met one, a climber, a slight bit crazy, in the sense that he met me halfway from the other side of my small country to go climbing for the day.

It could never work. But there are projects of mine that I stopped having dreams about because I had no partner. What if these projects became possible again?

And the man himself: a beautiful being. Blue eyes to fall into, an easy smile, hands shaking in nervousness when talking to me. He’s an ecologist, which seems to be mostly assessing the viability of various development projects, so an interesting job. Kind. Smart. Handsome.

But he lives four hours away. And I’m a big confused mess at the moment.

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