Does Sex Count as a Sport?

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I’ve moved out, finally.  I bought my apartment in the mountains and have started my new, complicated life of living 2 hours away from work and all my friends.

It’s okay, but exhausting.  However, the exhaustion is good.  It means I’m pushing myself, changing, not being stuck in a rut.

I try to keep climbing and hiking as much as I can, because it does me good.  I think I’m finally in state with my unpacking that I can start to relax about putting things away.  Most of the major stuff is done, and I just need patience and time to finish the rest.  It looks like I can rent the studio part of my apartment this winter, since it’s in a ski area.  Someone is already interested.  The rent from that should pay nearly all my mortgage.

The lovely part of this moving is that I just spent two days with my ex-cop, with no lying and finagling to do so.  We’d arranged to spend Wednesday together, but he invited me Tuesday as well. I took him climbing on Wednesday and he said he loved it. He’s good at it, too, which is rather annoying (I’m just jealous!), but he’s a good athlete so it’s not surprising.

We also had sex three times in two days. I’ve never been so exhausted in my life.  It empties you, that much sex.

I had a date to go climbing with Mr. Wonderful the next day.  He’s back with his ex-girlfriend, but I really like spending time with him and climbing, and the girlfriend doesn’t climb. So it’s a new friend, someone who’s good for me and who I get along with well.  I can always use a friend!  But after the debauchery with my ex-cop, I couldn’t climb worth a damn.  Two days of sex does nothing to help you perform.

I wonder if you can count sex as a sport?

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