First Commute

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It takes two hours to get to work by train. I either woke up too early or left the house too early. Not used to living a three minute walk from my stop. I waited for 15 minutes like an idiot! I’ll get better.

The first bit of my ride is a cog train which is too uncomfortable to work on (I’m blogging on my cell phone). But after, I can sit on a train and work for my job if necessary. Or read. Or listen to music.

I’m happy to go see people. As I don’t know a lot of people in the village, it feels pretty isolated. But I’ll go visit the city today, and see my colleagues, and do my job, then go home to the mountains and quiet. Not bad, I think.

One of my Internet guys is a baker. The only one up at this hour! He sent me a good morning text. Actually we’ve met twice; once for a drink, one for a walk that finished with a make-out session that was teenage worthy.

He’s the one I need to be careful with, to be very clear and not lead him on or hurt his feelings. He could care about me more quickly than I could care about him. But there’s a promise in his kisses.

I wish I could see him sooner. My husband’s birthday is this week, and I invited him to the apartment for a weekend. I’m not sure if we’re entirely done. I just need to not feel guilty about being with someone else. I need to not be a liar anymore.

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