Mr Wonderful

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That’s the guy’s name translated in English.  Seriously, who wouldn’t fall for someone called Mr Wonderful? In addition, he’s a climber. I met him on an internet site, and invited him to go climbing with my friends last weekend. We are really in sync when we climb.

And he’s funny, kind, natural, I mean, there’s nothing (that I know about) not to like.

So we’ll see. It’s a bit early in my process of breaking up with my husband, and I am moving a hundred miles away next weekend (although keeping the same job in the city where we both live).  But I’d like to try to see what happens with him.  The fact that I’m moving so far away means that we’re obliged to take our time, to only see each other when we decide to. And my whole apartment deal can be adapted, since I can rent part of it to tourists or locals and the rent will pay the mortgage.  It’s big enough that I can still leave myself a space to live in, and maybe, in the end, rent a place back in the city where I’ve lived for 20 years. It’s a lot easier to live in a crappy city apartment when you have a lovely place in the mountains with a view.

Mr Wonderful’s got two kids, six and ten, so that’s another reason to take things slowly.  I don’t want to mess with a kid’s affection.  If he’s sure about wanting to hang out with me for a while, I’d like nothing more than to have this ready made family to be a part of.  But if he’s not sure, I don’t want to mess with the kid’s heads.  I remember only too well how hard that was when my parents divorced.  I’ll only meet them when it seems like we’re sure to want to spend time together. I hope we do, that he would like that, too.  I could really and truly fall in love with this guy. I’d like to.  We’ll see what he thinks about all that.

I saw my ex-cop last week. I offered him a lovely dinner of sushi take-out since it was his brother, in the loan business, who helped me buy my apartment.  It’s thanks to him that I was able to move out and move on.

My ex-cop reiterated that he didn’t want me (or anyone) to fall in love with him.  So I can be with Mr Wonderful without any qualms.  And my ex-cop and I are good in bed, which will help me be calm and not be too quick about wanting to get Mr Wonderful naked.  Which I do, I do, I do.


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