Home to a Big Mess

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Can’t even begin to enumerate the ways that I’m going back to a the pig sty that is my life after visiting my family in the States.

I’m supposedly moving out but haven’t actually got a loan approved. I have a husband I just need to get some space from and a lover, who I like waaaaaay too much, waiting in the wings, plus online flirtations with different guys who may or may not be boyfriend material.

Oh, and I work nearly full-time as a teacher this year.

Sigh. Made my bed and have to lie in it. What keeps me happy is thinking about sex with my ex-cop. How lovely it’s been, and how much I want more. All the pleasure censors go off there. I see him in 6 days. And I think of all I want to do to him, and all I want him to do to me.

And the saddest thing, the one that makes me cry, is that I don’t think about my husband at all.

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