The Single Traveler

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My husband has never traveled with me to meet my family, not once in 17 years of mariage. It used to hurt a lot, then less, and now I really and truly could care less.

So I'm traveling alone, again. It means that you have to haul your bags with you everywhere, and no one can hold your spot for you in a line.

Also when you're in a relationship, you have someone to call and whine to when your flight is delayed. I've been in an airport for 11 hours, and there's no one to tell except my friend who's picking me up.

It is very nice to have my girlfriend pick me up. Not complaining about that at all!

Thinking about my ex-cop. I don't know if I would want to travel with him. Maybe yes, maybe no. Would he be stressed, need babysitting, have some great idea how to pass the time? Does he enjoy people watching? I'm curious to know what we might be like, if we ever get out of bed.


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