Recent summary of the freak parade

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I just had a guy this morning call me and admit that he was from Uganda. Nothing against people from Uganda, except that the photo was of a white guy with a goatee.

That’s to add to the one obsessed with having two women at the same time, who also does a “haircut revision and anti-balding massage” once a week. Then the (I’m guessing) teenage kids who posted a false profile of some male model type and started harassing me. And what else. Oh yes, Yannick of the bad grammar and angry penis photos. The doctor in Valais obsessed with getting sexy photos (the one who said “I don’t know what I want” and I told to go home to his wife. If you don’t know, don’t do it).

My husband who can’t imagine being intimate with me anymore.

Oh, wait. I forgot the train conductor who invented a whole relationship with me, virtually, then “broke up” with me, even though we’d never met.

A lot of lonely, odd people out there…..

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