Spit it Out

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Guys, can you just say what you want? I know women play as many games as men do, but what's the deal with just expecting the opposite sex to 'know' or to 'get it'?

Just talk. That's what language is there for.

My ex-cop might be blowing me off, but I have no idea. Going to play by the rules: not write for a day or two. I just sent him a file yesterday to show him my new apartment. Just wanted to share, because I felt like we could do that. That it was part of the friendship part of our whatever we are.

But he got the file (bless WhatsApp) and didn't respond. And I'm supposed, probably, to 'know what that means'.

In any case, I'm way too attached to him, simply because the sex is fantastic and we get along well. But I'm not moving in with him (I mean, I'm buying an apartment, that should be obvious), and I'm not leaving my husband for him, but because I can't stand lying to my husband about having sex outside of my mariage any longer. It's been making me physically ill, underweight, and with insomnias like last night. But I don't really know the guy. Maybe I won't like him when/if I get to know him better.

It would be a good time to end it with him. I'll be gone for three weeks, and it would be easy to let it go. I'll see how I feel about that the day before my flight.

Sigh. Wish he would just say what he feels at the moment. Spit it out.

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