What do men want

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My ex-cop is still wandering around Gleeden.  I wish I knew what he was up to, and what he wanted there.  More sex?  Like it could be better with someone else? Because we’re really good together.  I say that with my 49 years of experience (although most of my experience dates back to before the internet, but still, we’re good.) The last time we were together was lovely.  I woke him up by caressing him gently everywhere, shoulder, face, arms, all that was uncovered.  He woke up slowly and started to caress me, slowly at first, then more and more urgently.  And as we were making love, he finally spoke, ‘Good morning’. I laughed, and it was so lovely to be with him, making love before even speaking.  I want more of that, as much as I can get.  And eventually to get us out of bed and do something together. The first time we met I took him hiking. I’d like to find out what we might like to do together. Maybe there’s nothing.

But he was really nice to me on my birthday, called, and posted something on FB.  It all made me really happy. I just wish I knew what he wanted.

And what do I want?  Time with him to figure out if we should do something more long term/serious or not.  I don’t know yet. We might be good together, we might not. And we can’t be if that isn’t what he wants.  And it’s not like you can ask guys anything like that because they get all wigged out.  I just need patience….

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