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Something odd happened today.  I went on Gleeden, where I’ve been looking for distractions. Not necessarily someone new or someone else, just a distraction.

And I came across Dr. Spin, who’s been on again.  And I thought about it for a few hours, then sent him a message.  Then I sent an image of a cheese I bought called Bastardo, and told him that in Italy, they named a cheese after him.  That got a reaction, an emoji. I said I missed him.

The upshot is that I feel rather happy that he’s around in some way.  He said that he probably couldn’t be a ‘libertine’, and cheat on his wife. I agreed with him.  I don’t think he should, because I don’t think he could deal with it.  In addition, his wife puts up with him and he’s a jerk. He shouldn’t mess around with that.

At the same time, I want to hear from him.  I don’t really want to sleep with him, I mean, physically he’s kind of a troll.  But no one has made me laugh that much in ages, and we were only together for a few hours.  In addition to nearly four months of almost daily messages, each one more idiotic than the last.

So we’ll see.  I left some bait, saying that would propose something else, but I have no idea what that is.  See if he bites and figure it out later.

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