New Things (retail therapy)

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I had a list of things to pick up this summer, things that I haven’t had in a long time.

Shorts. There are practical shorts and sexy shorts.  I was trying to find an intermediate between them, knowing that with my new, stressed out, super slim body a lot more things look good on me than they did before.  Found them.  I tried them on in the shop, and enjoyed the other shopper staring at my ass and giving me an appreciative smile while waiting on his wife/girlfriend to try on a pullover.  It is true.  At the moment I have a very nice ass for a 48 year old.

A bikini.  I wanted a tiny one with strings on the sides that I could just stick in a bag while traveling and always have to wear in case there was swimming to be had. The strings are so that I can change in and out under a towel in the case of impromptu-jump- in-a-lake swimming. I found one.  I never wanted to have sexy swimwear when I was younger because guys would hit on me.  At 48, you just dream of guys hitting on you.  I can do bikinis still.  That’s what separating from your husband does to your body.

Hair clips.  For some reason, every store in my town has the same size hair clips.  I found some bigger ones that make my hair fall down in a sexy, tumble down way.

A travel dress.  This was found in a Patagonia shop.  It can also be stuck in the bottom of a sack, just in case there is a reason to dress up while traveling. It’s really sexy and made of some material that doesn’t need to be ironed.

All but the hair clips (2 bucks) were on sale, and I do feel better.  I mean, it’s retail therapy and all about consumerism etc. etc.  Not supposed to want to do that. But it’s so lovely sometimes to wear things that make me look nice.

And if Wetback Juan comes hiking with me next week, I’ll have the means to wear totally practical, sexy things.  I don’t necessarily want to try to seduce him, because I think he’s probably got ex-models for girlfriends and I don’t stand a chance.  However, there is something to be said for the woman who can sweat her way up a mountain by day and be (a least a bit) enticing in the evening just by taking a shower and putting on a nice, simple dress.

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