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There is a man I met on an internet dating site ; I’ll call him Wetback Juan (since he grew up in Mexico, American born though). He sent me a video conference by Yuval Harari about where the new gods are going to come from « Techno-Religions and Silicon Profits ». It starts with a review of liberalism, and how individual opinions and desires rule our present society. The guy takes « beauty is in the eye of the beholder » and « the customer is always right » among other examples. Feelings in our society supposed to be the supreme source of authority (I feel this is beautiful, I feel that this is the best product.) And he shows where this reasoning has its limits, in the example of morality, using the example of when you cheat on your partner. It feels right and good to you, the indivual, but hurts other individuals. I think this is why Wetback Juan sent it to me, since that’s something we have in common.

Harari says that each one of us thinks we are an individual, but we are really a collection of biochemical algorhythms. There is no such thing as freedom. We follow the laws of the biosystems within us. Feelings are biochemical algorhythm that constantly assesing probabilities of survival or probabilities of reproduction. Even when you’re approaching menopause.

Here’s the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6BK5Q_Dblo&feature=youtu.be

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