Niggling vacation things

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Some of vacation with my soon to be ex-husband reminds me of why I like him and stayed with him for seventeen years.  The rest of the time reminds me of why I want out.

The good side: he can be kind and sweet, sometimes funny; the bad side: he can be controlling and whiny.

The controlling thing is just so irritating, like I’m not 48 years old, with three degrees and a job where I’m respected and appreciated. Like I can’t decide for myself how I want to spend my time, on vacation. Example: we get back to the hotel after our day’s activities, and he “allows” me fifteen minutes to take a shower before heading down for drinks.  Thanks for the permission, dude.  I’m 48.  If I want to spend an hour in the shower, or not have drinks, or lie down and read a book, it’s my friggin’ vacation and I (should) be able to do what I want.  I don’t have the right to “allow” him fifteen minutes for anything.  And these things were just slightly irritating when we were having sex.  Now that we’re not, it’s like a bossy roommate that you declare taxes with.


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