The Joke’s on Me

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Yesterday I went on a long hike, much longer than anticipated.  I only saw three people all day, but it was one too many.  One young guy (German, from the music) was playing his music full blast in the middle of the pristine and beautiful Alps.  I asked him if he minded using headphones and he said he didn’t have any and started insulting me.

The result of this is when he went right, I went left and wound up hiking a long, cabled ridge that went on forever.  It was beautiful and lovely, but made the day longer than I’d expected.  I was pretty tired.

Came down, showered, and went to meet my intellectual.  I’ve been chatting with someone so smart that I feel rather puny.  He writes about history and politics, loves opera, and uses language in a way that I can only dream of.

I arrive in his town and pull into an empty parking lot to text that I’d arrived.  He gives me a meeting point, just on the other side of the street and….I can’t get my car out of the lot.  Barriers have come down between me pulling in and texting.  I do about four circuits of the lot to see if there’s a number you can call, maybe a caretaker that lives on the lot, or some other way out. I ask a passing jogger to help me lift the barrier but no go.  (And the whole time I’m thinking KARMA KARMA KARMA, this is what you deserve!!!!  Hussy!  Slut! Whore!  This is what you deserve!!)

I call the police, but it’s looking likely that I’m going to have to wait there until morning when the place opens.

But one of the barriers has rubber underneath, and is a bit wobbly.  So I push my car (my beautiful new-to-me car that I’ve had for three days) under the barrier.  It goes up to the engine in front.  I wobble it up a bit higher on the windshield and get back in, sliding a bit further under.  Back and forth, with a pause to lift the barrier over the antenna.  I’m out!  And not even a scratch to my beautiful new–to-me car.

And the man, who came to help me but hadn’t arrived yet, meets me for a drink.  We talk.  He’s interested in me, I think, but me not so much.  It would be like being tutored all the time. But he might become a friend, and I could use some friends.

The thing it, it was so funny the thing with the barrier.  But with my new life of deceit and lying, I can’t share it with anyone but him.  And my blog.

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