Internet dating when you’re still married (part I)

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I went on Meetic for about a week.  It was really brutal.  It seems that the only men who wanted to talk with me were complete trolls, and none of the normal (I wasn’t even going for good-looking) men didn’t want to respond to me.  I took my profile down.  I’ve paid for the next few months, so maybe I’ll try again when I’ve actually moved out.

I had one guy with just the most horrible spelling skills in the world insist that I have sex with him.  Now.  This is while he’s fifty miles away and we’d never even met.  There was nothing nice or charming about him. Nothing that made me want to meet him.  He seemed to think it was just a wonderful thing for me that he had a penis.  Like half the planet doesn’t have penises.  (Somehow I think that should be latinized: one penis, two peni)

I’ve kept in touch with one, though, who’s rather a sad case.  He’s a fashion victim in a rural area where I know folks are going to look at him strangely and make fun of him.  He wanted video sex (something new for me, and not terribly exciting on my end).  Hetero but probably looks gay to everyone around him.  We have nothing in common, but he seems so fragile.

I’m guessing someone broke up with him (girl, guy who knows) and that he’s falling apart.  It’s no skin off my nose to send a message per day or so, and I’ve asked, he says it helps.  My good Samaritan deed for the day.

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