Little victories

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The “separating” part of separating has it’s difficulties, especially in a town with a housing crisis.  Too many people looking, not enough places free.

But I found a car! A nice little Honda Jazz, with lots of space and still under warranty for nearly two years.  Independence be mine!  I can now get into my car and go whenever I want.  Worst case scenario, I can sleep in the back if necessary.  It does this cool slide forward, fold down thing with the back seats that makes it completely flat in the back.

And while I’ve been hesitating to leave, it’s more and more clear in my head that I need to go. That doesn’t mean that I need to hate my husband, or even stop hanging out with him. But I need the freedom to find someone else, and to be clear in my head about having sex with someone else.  It may not turn into a relationship, but that’s nothing I can control.  Either I find someone else or I don’t.

The adventure begins…




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