Remove head from ass

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For a whole two days, I’ve had my head on my shoulders. I feel okay.

Some of that has to do with sleep. When I see the ex-cop, I sleep better. This is reconfirmed by a second night with him. He said he sleeps better, too. It might also be our activities beforehand, but he really does have a calming effect on me. I like his being. He’s also utterly anal about all sorts of stuff, and seems to have a ‘buck stops here’ cop-like part of his personality which would drive me crazy if we were a couple, but I like this sort of dating thing, or whatever it is we’re doing.

I’ve taken down my profile on the dating site. It wasn’t honest of me to be there since I haven’t really separated yet. 

But now I know that I will. My husband woke me up at around 3am, asked if I was going to leave him. And I said, ‘It seems inevitable.’

I’ve made it to the top of the hill, and now I can look around before deciding where and how to go down.

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