The Firefly

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I had two boyfriends “leave me” for the same woman.  She was a flirt.

They didn’t actually leave me for her (because they never managed to go out with her afterwards). We also had our own problems and she was a convenient excuse.

But the thing is with this woman, I liked her, too.  Things were just more fun when she was around. She was later diagnosed bi-polar, but before she was ill she lived sometimes in a sort of manic state that was just so much fun.  I couldn’t really blame the boyfriends. If she turned her attention on you, you felt like the center of the universe.  Everything was brighter and funnier when she was around.  If she was there, it was a great party.  If she was there, the music was better.  If she was there, everyone just had more fun.

She liked lighting up my boyfriends, but I never disliked her for it.  I just kind of laughed at them, because I knew they were not in her league.  She was bright and shiny and special.  She was a firefly.

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