Vier, fünf, sex

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We make such a big deal out of sex. It’s the reason partners split up, because they had sex with someone else, or because we did.  I wish my husband would cheat on me, because it would just make it easier.  But his erectile problems are not entirely personal, I guess.

I am doing some major maneuvering just to have sex again. I am going to buy an apartment.  This does two things 1) short term, I can go look at places and fit in a bit of sex before or after 2) long term, I can leave my husband and fit in sex whenever I want.

The question is not particularly about finding a willing partner, since the internet site Gleeden makes it easy to do that. It’s kind of cute, the site, because it seems to be like the internet was before they found out how to hack accounts in Nigeria.  Mostly what I’ve found there are interesting, somewhat intelligent men who really are looking for no frills sex. I’ve gotten lucky, I guess. If it were bigger and more popular (and maybe cheaper for the men), I’d have to wade through the nutcases.  For the moment, it’s working for me.

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