Frank, the original player

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We’ll call him Frank, although with the information I’m going give it’s easy to figure out who I’m talking about, with the tiniest little effort.   Frank played drums in a band and was the funniest person I’ve ever met. Like, seriously funny. He wound up on SNL and now has a TV show I guess. I’ve seen it a few times.  It’s not very good which I take no satisfaction out of.  I like the guy.  We all did. I wish him all the success in the world.

He used his sense of humor to get into the pants of, I’m guessing, thousands of girls.  I don’t think I’m exaggerating in the least, at least not by now.  With all of his partners, in the game of 5 degrees of separation you could probably get yourself from the Queen of England to every mule driver in the Sahara.  5 fucks away from Hugh Grant.  (Okay, we’re talking Hugh Grant, 3 fucks max).

I only slept with him twice, as he had a “girlfriend”.  There was always one legitimate one around.  What’s amazing is that he never used condoms and we were in the middle of an AIDS epidemic at the time.  How he didn’t get something, and pass it on to the hoards, is a miracle.

He was lovely in bed, a bit aggressive but still paid attention to what I wanted.  It was sexy, scary, over the top.

When I say that E is a player, it’s because sex with him reminds me of Frank. So I assume that E is with every willing woman he can get his thing into. And like with Frank, I wish him well.

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