First meetings

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When I’ve met the men in my cast of characters, it’s always just for a drink. Sometimes, like the last one, they’re creepy and I just want to get away. If I like them enough, I hold their hand.

Then I let the images flow. With E it was two people in a barrel going off Niagara Falls, a roaring of noise in my ears. Not healthy, but scary, enticing, fearsome. 

With P it was like curling up with a hibernating bear in a cave. Warm, cozy, and nothing that would be wise to disturb too profoundly.

Dr. Spin I have fired for the next three weeks. He’s going away with his wife and I need to let him stew over the fact that we spent two months chatting but he never had time to meet. I think he’s too scared, because when I taunt him about his fear, the doctor doth protest too much. So hand-holding never happened. 

Then there is the very appealing J. I would like to hold his hand. We’ll see…

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