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When you go out looking for a lover, guys, try to appear (even if you’re not particularly) attractive.  Trim the eyebrows. Wear something chic. Work on the charm skills. You don’t have to be fake or dishonest, but make it worth someone’s while to look deeper.  Honesty is attractive if you’re attractive.  If you’re not, keep it to yourself.  At least at first. Make it about the other person.  Listen at least as much as you talk.

I had a meeting this morning with a man from the site, and it wasn’t just a waste of time, I felt dirty afterwards.  So little did he care about trying to be enticing.  So little did he care to try to find out about me. Some poor slob looking for sex outside of marriage, but with absolutely nothing to offer. I was bored after two minutes. I felt sick to my stomach after ten.

I can’t really explain why it was so bad. Dislike at first site?  The fact that he looked older than my husband who has ten years on him? Or was it just that he thinks that having a dick makes him interesting? It’s not.  Half the planet has one.  It’s nothing special.  Everyone on the planet (except a few in vitro folks) exist because of sex.  And even for them there was probably sex, just not conception.

It’s like the women who look pityingly on me because I don’t have kids.  “You don’t understand; motherhood is such a unique experience”.  Everyone on the WHOLE FRIGGIN’ PLANET has a mother.  They may be good or bad, present or distant, but everyone was spawned in a womb. It’s is the antithesis of unique.

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