Spread cheeks, remove head

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It was a day of people having their head up their ass, and since I’ve been in that state for months, I can sympathize but still found it annoying.

My men: the husband has agreed to do couple’s therapy.  I don’t have any hope at all, since there is nothing to be done about our age difference. But it’s worth a shot, I suppose.  And I don’t want to leave a 17 year marriage without trying to do something about it.

E: no news.  He’s been on Gleeden (I checked with my false profile), but hasn’t answered me back.  My demand: sex please.

P: no news.  After seeing that E was on Gleeden searching for the new lover of his life, I’m trying him next.  Also the request: sex please. We’ll see.

Dr. Spin: I’m trying to be understanding.  I nearly got to see him for the first time Sunday, but it’s Mother’s Day.  He’d forgot.  I just teased him with a naked picture of myself (I photograph quite well) and said “This is what you won’t be seeing soon”.

And there’s a new bite on the block, a very sweet sounding man called J.  I need to talk to him for a while first.

And without any hope at all, I am going to have coffee with an Englishman Friday.  I’ve already teased the hell out of him for being English, the worse lovers in the world.  And he’s too old for me, 56.  That’s eight years.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

What I should do is go to my friend’s chalet in the mountains.  It would be good for me to get away from this spinning in my head. But the husband would be angry, I think, and I will just stay here and do my best to sleep with someone else.

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